How to Password Protect a Directory

  1. On your main cPanel page, scroll down to the section called Security. Click on the icon named Password Protect Directories. This will open a screen with your folders listed. Open your folders until you find the directory that you wish to protect.
  2. Select the directory by clicking on its name. This will open a new screen that will allow you to set permissions for your directory. Make sure the correct directory is listed at the top of the page. Under Security Settings, check the box to password protect this directory.
  3. On the next line, enter a name for this protected directory in the box. This name should be something to help you identify the purpose of the directory, such as Members Ideas, or Friends Photos. Click the Save button.
  4. You are now taken to a verification screen, showing that the directory is protected, and allows access only to authorized users. It now requires a password to enter it by way of a browser. So we now need to create at least one user, and assign them a password to access the directory. Click the GO BACK link.
  5. Under Create User, enter a User name. Enter a password, and re-enter the password.
  6. Click the Add/Modify authorized user button. This takes you to the verification screen to confirm that the directory now has one user who has access to it.
  7. Repeat this process for each additional user you want to grant access to. Click the GO BACK link, and you can see the authorized user listed in the box.
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