Copying a database table with phpMyAdmin

The phpMyAdmin page is divided into two main parts. The left blue screen is where you will find your database listed, with any tables of that database listed below it. The right hand side is a large white screen, where the actions take place.

Let's learn how to copy a database table with phpMyAdmin. Select the database table you wish to copy by clicking on it. This will bring up all the table details in the right hand screen. From the menu at the top of the screen, select and click on the Operations button. This will bring up a page of different operations you can perform on a table. If you scroll down the page, you will see a box called "Copy table to (database.table)." When you are copying a table, you can choose to copy one of three ways. You can copy the table structure only, copy the data only, or you can copy both the table structure and data. This is where you will find your three copy options. Select one of the options.

Copying a table actually creates a new table altogether that is identical to the one that we are copying. So now we need to give a name to the new table. Enter the name for the new table in the box, in the blank field. When you are done, click Go.

A new screen will open in the right hand window. It will confirm that the copy was successful, and what the name of the copy is. The copied table will now be showing in the left hand window, below the database, as a second table with the new name.

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